Video: Snowmobiling to the Maine Ghost Trains

Video: snowmobiling to the ghost trains in Maine.

From Explore New England

Have you seen the mysterious Ghost Trains of Eagle Lake? This pair of massive locomotives have sat at idle, hidden deep in the woods of Northern Maine since the 1930’s and makes for an intriguing snowmobiling adventure; as detailed in this Explore New England short film.

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Join us as we ride Indy-Polaris Sleds across 15 miles of freshly powdered Trails; Starting from Lake Millinocket & ending our journey next to Eagle Lake in Aroostook County – Home of the abandoned Ghost Trains. How they ended up here, has been a source of speculation among sledders for decades.

These Steel Locomotives are remnants of the early logging industry; engines like these were used to carry logs 13 miles from Eagle Lake to Umbazooksus Lake. From there, the logs were dumped into the water & driven south to Lake Chesuncook, which feeds into the West Branch of the Penobscot River. Now the locomotives sit silently among the snow & trees, accessible only via a snowmobile trail.